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P.O. Box 2907 Weaverville CA 96093

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911 for Emergencies

About Us


Trinity Life Support Community Service District serves about 85% of Trinity County, responding to multiple small rural communities with high level Paramedic service.  Our non-profit is locally controlled by a five to seven-member Board of Directors. 

Current staffing level is EMT/Paramedic on two ambulances 24/7, placed centrally at Weaverville and Hayfork for best access to outlying areas.  Call volume average is 1,500 calls for service annually.

In this 2,100 square mile response area, high level advanced life support response is essential.  The dedicated staff give so much more than a ride to a hospital.  They make decisions and give care and medicines that make a life-saving difference.

To continue providing service at this level we must reform from non-profit to special district, creating a stable funding base and access to government assistance with Medi-Cal shortfalls.

Our communities cannot be effectively or safely served with less. Lives are at risk. 

For more information please visit www.tlscsd.org.