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Letter From Administrator

Measures D&E Resources

Hello Community, A heartfelt thank you to all of you who came out and voted for Measures D and E to stabilize ambulance service. We appreciate your willingness to generously support local ambulance service.

Voters, you have said Measures D and E are not the answer for you. We very much respect this message and will continue to seek the right solution for all of us.

Measures D and E were written to address the challenges of operating the ambulance service all at once. We have been very focused on avoiding any further decrease in service level and coverage.

We will press on in finding a solution that will stabilize the ambulance service and improve shift structure for crews with the understanding that it will not be immediate and we all may have to sustain a period of lesser service.

Look for us in November. Your input and participation in this process is much appreciated and valued. As always, we’ll continue to do everything possible to respond when and where we’re needed.