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The Benefits of Membership

Membership programs have been created to give our community peace of mind. The high cost of health care has resulted in high deductibles, leaving many people with a significant balance after insurance. Membership protects you from out of pocket expense for medically necessary ambulance transports.

Membership is not an insurance plan.  Your health insurance, other insurances such as workers compensation, auto, homeowner’s insurance policies, Medicare and other third party payers will be billed.  Payment is accepted as payment in full, with no out of pocket for the Member.

Medi-Cal beneficiaries are not eligible for Membership. 

Two Levels of Membership Available

Trinity County Medical Transport Alliance (Ground and Air Ambulance)*

In 2015, Trinity Life Support worked closely with PHI Air Medical and REACH Air Medical AirMedCare Network to create the Trinity County Medical Transport Alliance (TCMTA) Membership.  TCMTA consolidates ground and air ambulances into one membership package.

The TCMTA membership is only offered to residents of Trinity County and proof of residency is required (utility bill, etc). This is not insurance.


Trinity Life Support Community Service District (Ground Ambulance)

Trinity Life Support ground ambulance membership has been available for many years and continues to be available as a stand-alone membership. This is not insurance.

*Trinity Life Support Community Service District, PHI Air Medical, and REACH AirMedCAre Network are separate business entities. They are not partners or one business entity, and operate their memberships within their own business guidelines and identities.